Roadside Rescue

Truck With A Lift Deck Down
Truck With A Lift Deck Down

In the world of motorcycle transport, where reliability is paramount, one game-changing innovation has emerged to revolutionize confidence on a Colorado road trip like a truck equipped with a lift deck. This powerful combination of technology and engineering has swiftly risen to prominence, and one name stands out among the crowd – Lucky Duck Biker Rescue Motorcycle Rescue & Transportation.

Imagine a world where loading and unloading your beloved motorcycle is a breeze, where the fear of damage during transportation becomes a thing of the past. Lucky Duck’s ¾ ton truck, equipped with a lift deck, transforms this vision into reality, elevating the motorcycle transport experience to new heights.

At the heart of Lucky Duck’s success is the lift deck, an ingenious design that sets them apart from traditional towing services. The lift deck is more than just a piece of equipment; it’s a symbol of commitment to delivering exceptional service and safeguarding the memories and stories behind every motorcycle.

Truck With A Lift Deck Half Up
Truck With A Lift Deck Half Up

So, what makes the Lift Deck so extraordinary?

With seamless loading and unloading, gone are the days of struggling with cumbersome loading ramps and worrying about potential damage. The lift deck allows for smooth and precise load and unload, ensuring each motorcycle is gently placed upright on the flat surface of the truck bed.


The lift deck is designed to accommodate motorcycles of various sizes and styles, from nimble two-wheelers to rugged ATVs. No matter the vehicle, Lucky Duck’s lift deck rises to the occasion.


Swift Response:

With 24/7 roadside rescue services, Lucky Duck ensures that riders in need are never left stranded. A simple phone call summons the lift deck truck and our highly skilled team to the rescue, guaranteeing a prompt and reliable response.
Lucky Duck networks with other qualified motorcycle tow companies, and if our response time isn’t ideal, we’re happy to refer you to a colleague who can get there quicker.

Stress-Free Transport:

Whether it’s a trip to the repair shop or a delivery to a new home, Lucky Duck’s lift deck guarantees a stress-free and efficient journey. Riders can focus on the thrill of the ride, knowing their motorcycle is in capable hands.

Richard, the mastermind behind Lucky Duck Biker Rescue, is no stranger to the world of motorcycles. As an avid biker since the early 80s, his passion for motorcycles runs deep. It is this passion that drives Lucky Duck to provide a service that is nothing short of exceptional.

As Lucky Duck Biker Rescue continues to make its mark in the Colorado motorcycle transport industry, combined with Richard’s dedication to customer satisfaction, solidifying Lucky Duck’s reputation as a trusted and reliable partner in every biker’s journey.

Our truck equipped with a lift deck is more than just a mode of transportation; it’s a symbol of progress and innovation. Lucky Duck Motorcycle Rescue & Transportation has harnessed the power of the lift deck to redefine the motorcycle transport experience, ensuring that each ride is met with safety, care, and the thrill of the open road. Ride in Colorado knowing that you will not be stranded road side for long with Lucky Duck patrolling the mountain passes.