Black Truck with Lift Deck
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Yamaha V-Star

Lift Deck Vs 1 Ton Safe

Lift Deck Vs 500 Gallon WATER TANK

Our specialized lift deck Equipped Truck Can Handle Some serious Challenges, Especially your motorcycle.

We are your best solution for Colorado roadside motorcycle rescue and transportation!


Customized Motorcycle Transport

The highlight of this truck is its purpose-built lift deck, ensuring motorcycles are securely transported without risking any damage during rescue operations. The designers’ understanding of the unique needs of motorcycle transportation shines through this thoughtful feature.

Efficient Roadside Assistance

The lift deck enables quick and easy loading and unloading of motorcycles, streamlining the entire roadside rescue process. Riders will spend less time stranded on the road, as help arrives swiftly and efficiently.


No matter the type of motorcycle, whether it’s a sportbike, cruiser, or any other model, the truck’s lift deck can effortlessly accommodate a wide range of motorcycles, catering to various rescue scenarios.

Increased Reach

In challenging and remote locations where traditional tow trucks may struggle to access, this specialized truck can provide roadside assistance with ease, ensuring no rider is left behind.

Safety and Reliability

Above all, the lift deck truck prioritizes the safety of both the motorcycles and riders. With secure transportation, the risk of further damage is minimized, offering peace of mind to those seeking help.

Our specialized truck with a lift deck for motorcycles is a confident solution for roadside rescue. Designed to securely transport motorcycles of all types, it enables swift loading/unloading, reaching challenging locations. With safety as a priority, riders can trust this vehicle to provide reliable assistance and peace of mind during distressing situations.

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